IDC Boracay. PADI Instructor Development Philippines. Koh Tao, Thailand.

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IDC Boracay.

IDC Boracay. WaterColors S-6775, Philippines. Asia Divers dive Careers Development Centre CDC-16907, Koh Tao, Thailand. Sri Lanka.

PADI trains c.75 per cent. of the World’s divers, c.75 per cent. of divers in Asia, c.75 per cent. of divers in Thailand and the Philippines and c.75 per cent. of divers on Koh Tao and on Boracay.  Your IDC Boracay or Koh Tao will let you aim at c.75 per cent. of the dive market.  You may cross over to SSI cheaply in one day with any SSI IT, but you may not cross over to PADI OWSI without passing a PADI IE, which you may attend if you have passed a PADI OWSI Course or IDC Boracay or Koh Tao in the last 12 months.

Your PADI IDC Boracay, PHL; Koh Tao, THA; or Trincomalee, LKA is the best place to start if you want to change your life and GoPro.  You will need DM first and I can help you with this.  It is good to work as a DM, but most stores will not pay you as they have DMTs who pay to do their DM course and these DMCs also lead guests who pay the store (not the DMT) to dive.  PADI DMCs often pay to work.  Once you are OWSI you can get paid to work both as a DM and teach, which pays far more.  There are many OWSIs who will lead dives, so you will need skills and luck to get hired as a DM.  So, now is the time to do your PADI IDC Boracay, PH; Koh Tao, TH; or Batticaloa, LK.

If you are OWSI and you have 25 certs. (count five DSDs/ReActivate or two OW referrals for one cert.), you are ready for MSDT and straight away IDC Boracay or Koh Tao Staff Instructor.  If you want to choose from more dive careers, IDC Staff is for you.  A lot of dive centre manager jobs need IDC Staff.  You will be able to train AIs, staff OWSI and IDC programmes and move through MI and CD.

Cave and deep tec diving is my passion when I am not running my IDC Boracay, PH; Koh Tao, TH; or Negombo, LK courses.  I also love to help students start diving and then to continue to learn, so they can pass on their passion to their own students.  I can travel to you, wherever you are in the World or you can meet me at one of the places I train.

My home is with my Thai girlfriend on the paradise Island of Koh Tao in Amazing Thailand, the Land of Smiles and I travel around Asia and globally to run my PADI IDC Boracay, PH; Sri Lankan and tec diving instructor courses.  I teach at home on Koh Tao in Thailand, inc. running there my monthly PADI Instructor Development Courses, Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Prep and MSDT Internships, IDC Staff Instructor, Asssistant Instructor and Divemaster Courses.  Boracay is my second home—It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Each two months I run my PADI IDC, IDC Staff, MSDT Prep & Internship, Speciality Instructor Training Courses, EFR Instructor Courses, AI and DM Courses on the beautiful Island of Boracay, off Panay, in the Philippine Visayas.  My school is TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award Winner WaterColors Boracay Diving Adventures S-6775.  As at the time of writing, we are the Number 2 B&B/Inn of 201 on Boracay and #9 in the Philippines.  We are on the most photographed White Beach in the Philippines with hotel at Boat Station 1 and IDC Store at Station 3.

My 2016 Instructor Examination dates are below, with my PADI IDC Asia and IDC Staff dates.

IDC Boracay, Philippines.

AI from.AI to.IDC from.IDC to.IE from.IE to.
15 Mar 16.20 Mar 16.15 Mar 16.28 Mar 16.29 Mar 16.30 Mar 16.
10 May 16.15 May 16.10 May 16.23 May 16.24 May 16.25 May 16.
6 Jul 16.11 Jul 16.6 Jul 16.19 Jul 16.20 Jul 16.21 Jul 16.
20 Sep 16.25 Sep 16.20 Sep 16.3 Oct 16.4 Oct 16.5 Oct 16.
20 Nov 16.25 Nov 16.20 Nov 16.3 Dec 16.4 Dec 16.5 Dec 16.

Koh Tao, Thailand.

AI from.AI to.IDC from.IDC to.IE from.IE to.
2 Feb 16.7 Feb 16.2 Feb 16.15 Feb 16.16 Feb 16.17 Feb 16.
5 Apr 16.10 Apr 16.5 Apr 16.18 Apr 16.19 Apr 16.20 Apr 16.
3 May 16.8 May 16.3 May 16.16 May 16.17 May 16.18 May 16.
7 Jun 16.12 Jun 16.7 Jun 16.20 Jun 16.21 Jun 16.22 Jun 16.
28 Jun 16.3 Jul 16.28 Jun 16.11 Jul 16.12 Jul 16.13 Jul 16.
26 Jul 16.31 Jul 16.26 Jul 16.8 Aug 16.9 Aug 16.10 Aug 16.
23 Aug 16.28 Aug 16.23 Aug 16.5 Sep 16.6 Sep 16.7 Sep 16.
27 Sep 16.2 Oct 16.27 Sep 16.10 Oct 16.11 Oct 16.12 Oct 16.
25 Oct 16.30 Oct 16.25 Oct 16.7 Nov 16.8 Nov 16.9 Nov 16.
22 Nov 16.27 Nov 16.22 Nov 16.5 Dec 16.6 Dec 16.7 Dec 16.


I also run my recreational and technical instructor courses in Sri Lanka.  My school is Sri Lanka Diving Tours S-21483.

I speak English, French and Thai and have a background in investment banking and mathematics.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training confident, effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  IDC Boracay, PH.  Koh Tao, Thailand.  Negombo, LK.  Worldwide.

PADI CD Dan Robinson MMath(Oxon) MCSI
PADI Course Director at WaterColors Boracay S-6775
100% first-time passes at IE. Specialising in training those who have neither English nor Physics as a first language

Global Instructor Development Courses, IDC Staff, Open Water SCUBA Instructor (OWSI), Master SCUBA Diver Trainer (MSDT), DSAT Tec Instructor, Tec Deep Instructor, Tec Trimix Instructor, Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor, ANDI Cave Instructor

Thailand-, Philippines- & Sri Lanka-based, French-, English- & Thai-speaking PADI TecRec Course Director. Accepted CDTC 1st time. 1st-time pass at UK IE, no make-ups. Certificates of Excellence. Renewed & insured (DAN EU Pro Gold). Lead advisory career in international equity & debt capital markets/mergers & acquisitions

Instructor Trainer: Rebreather, Altitude, AWARE Shark Conservation*, Cavern, Deep, Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, Digital Underwater Photography, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift, Dry Suit, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Enriched Air NitrOx, Equipment, AWARE Fish ID, Ice, Multilevel & Computer, Night, Search & Recovery (search & rescue), Self-Reliant Diver (solo diver), Recreational Sidemount, Tec 40, Tec 50, Tec 90, Technical Advanced Wreck*, Tec Sidemount, Trimix Blender, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigator, Underwater Videographer, Wreck

Instructor: AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE, Recompression Chamber Awareness*, Tec 45, Tec Basics*, Tec Trimix 65, Trimix 45*, Trimix 50*

Specialties: Advanced nitrox, advanced rebreather, BSAC, cave diving, cavern diving, CDAA, CMAS, decompression procedures, DMT, diving, EFRI, equipment, Evolution, FFESSM, FSGT, Full Cave Diver, gas blending, GUE, hypoxic, Inspiration, Instructor Examination, IANTD, NACD, NAUI, NSS-CDS, normoxic, PDIC, PSAI, SCUBA, SDI, SSI, solo diving, Speciality Instructor Trainer, Stage Cave Diver, Tec Cave Diver, Tec Deep Instructor Trainer, tec diving, technical diving, TDI, Tec Instructor Trainer, Tec Rescue, Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer, trimix

18 Responses to IDC Boracay. PADI Instructor Development Philippines. Koh Tao, Thailand.

  1. I am very proud of you. This is the culmination of your Professional Diving
    Career after 12 years !

  2. What is meta please?

  3. Trevor Bowden says:

    Hi, I would just like to say that i have really enjoyed my time staffing the IDC with Dan in Maafushi Maldives, As an active IDC staff instructor i teach many diving courses but it is always good to go back to basics to reboot the old braincells. I found his teaching method informative educational and motivational for my future development.

    Thanks Dan
    Will be back for more

    • Thank you very much for your positive review Trevor! You and Vivien were both an absolute pleasure to work with and I was delighted to help you both achieve PADI Master Instructor. Looking forward to working with you both again in the future

      • You did very well on your Instructor Development Course and it was motivating for me to help you progress into a confident, effective, efficient and ethical diving instructor.
        Congratulations on your Dive Theory results and thank you for these kind words!

  4. moomin says:

    i would like to know total price of IDC

  5. Adrián says:

    Congratulations for your curriculum Vitae!!!!
    A great person!!!

  6. A great man!!! A kind person!!

  7. Jonathan Nash says:

    Hi Dan
    I am looking for an IDC for my wife. She is a dive master already but she could use the prep. as we have both not been active in diving for 3 years. Once she becomes an instructor we have a dive resort that we will be running so would be interested in promoting your IDC courses. What infomation I need from yourself is Cost of the IDC and what price you can offer on the crew pack. and any other deals you could offer. thanks in advance

  8. Andrew Gritzka says:

    I just recently joined, and passed an IDC with Dan as my Course Director in Boracay, Philippines. He helped us solve many unanswered questions, taught us many things a new, as well as clearing us up, and helping us with our individual weaknesses. Classes were a blast!! I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining and educational IDC, and I plan to join Dan again with my future education.
    Best regards!

    • Thank you so much for your awesome feedback. Was lovely to meet you and your family. You have a great attitude and I really enjoy working with you. Glad you had fun; I certainly did!
      With my very best regards as ever

  9. franzi preglo says:

    Loved having to have the pleasure of meeting this groundbreaking course director. Love the way you see things rusty 🙂 idc boracay 2015 was one of the best ive joined so far. Defo reco to all you peeps out there

  10. Jessica Johnston says:

    Thanks again for this wonderful experience! You are the best!

  11. daniel watkins says:

    It was a pleasure to work with Dan for my IDC. he was unbelievably knowledgeable and a great teacher. showed by completing every single module with 92%-100%. i would definitely recommend using him for your course.

  12. daniel watkins says:

    It was a pleasure to work with Dan for my IDC. he was unbelievably knowledgeable and a great teacher. showed by completing every single module with 92%-100%. i would definitely recommend using him for your course.
    thanks Dan

  13. Samy Benzaia says:

    Hi Dan,

    It’s a pleasure to learn from you during my IDC Staff Instructor, very knowledgeable, couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining and educational for my IDC Staff, he reminded you that you can still learn more and more all the time, It is really nice and fun person as well, Thanks for all.
    You will not regret your choice with Dan .

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