Coral Reef Conservation. AWARE PADI Master SCUBA Diver Speciality Course.

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coral reef.


AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.  PADI Assistant Instructors may teach.  Students don’t need a dive cert.   CD Dan Robinson.

As all of my IDC candidates find out, there are two main theories on how a coral reef forms.

  • Due to subsidence.
  • Due to changing sea levels and erosion.


They also know that a coral reef needs its symbiosis with algae called zooxanthelae.  We all know about the types of coral reef that we find in shallow, warm seas.  There are also deep-water corals (cold-water corals) that live right down to a depth of 2,020m in temps. as low as 4 deg!  One-man submarines have seen them at depths of over 500m.  These do not need the zooxanthelae algae to survive.  Their growth rate is only around 1–10mm per year, whereas some shallow, warm water species may grow faster than 20cm in one year.  We think that some living deep-water corals date back at least 10,000 years.

There is no min. age for AWARE Coral Reef and students do not need a diver cert.  You may of course inc. a dive for those who can or a snorkel trip.  The student manual is found here:

Project AWARE is non-profit and stands for Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education.  Project AWARE is not owned by PADI, but rather is a preferred charity of PADI’s.  You can get each (non-tec) cert. printed on Project AWARE card stock of your choice if you donate a min. of AUD 10.

Each two months on the paradise Island Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, award-winning DSAT TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson runs his.

  • PADI AI Course.
  • PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor Course.
  • Full PADI IDC.
  • PADI IDC Staff Course.
  • Full PADI MSDT Prep Course.
  • PADI Speciality Instructor Training Course.
  • Technical diving courses from Tec Basics right up through full Tec Trimix Instructor and Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Course.


Programmes are also available on the beautiful Island of Koh Tao in Thailand or I can travel to you wherever in the World you are, in particular to Australia.  I can build you a bespoke PADI Master SCUBA Diver Course, say.

  • AWARE Coral Reef.
  • AWARE Fish ID.
  • Project AWARE.
  • Whale Shark Awareness.
  • Sea Turtle Awareness.

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