Master SCUBA Diver Course. Take the Challenge! PADI MSDT Philippines Pro.

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Master SCUBA Diver Course.Master SCUBA Diver Course.  Take the Challenge!  Highest non-pro level.  PADI MSDT Philippines.  GoPro on Boracay.

The PADI Master SCUBA Diver Course is like the “black belt” of diving.  It is the top non-pro cert. in the PADI system.  It shows that your level is the same as a DM.  A (Jr.) MSD is at least 12 years old and has done.

  • (Jr.) PADI Rescue Diver or equiv.
  • (Jr.) PADI Advanced Open Water or equiv.
  • At least five full diver-level PADI or DSAT TecRec Specialties.
  • At least 50 logged dives.


PADI AP will waive the app. fee in the year 2015.

As I tell my IDC students, MSD is not the same as PADI MSDT.  An MSDT is an instructor who has five more Specialty Instructor certs. than the three you get free as a PADI AI (* below).  An MSDT can teach an MSD.

I can build you a bespoke MSD package on the beautiful Island of Koh Tao in Thailand or I can travel to you, wherever in the World you are..

I can teach you these PADI or TecRec Specialties.

  1. Altitude.
  2. AWARE Coral Reef*.
  3. AWARE Fish ID.
  4. AWARE Shark.
  5. Boat.
  6. Cavern.
  7. Deep (40m).
  8. Digital U/W Photo.
  9. Diver Propulsion Vehicle.
  10. Drift.
  11. Dräger Dolphin or Atlantis SCR.
  12. Dry Suit.
  13. Emergency Oxygen Provider (you will need this if you want to work as at least a DM in Queensland).
  14. Enriched Air NitrOx.
  15. Equipment.
  16. Ice.
  17. Multilevel & Computer.
  18. Night.
  19. Peak Performance Buoyancy*.
  20. Project AWARE*.
  21. Recompression Chamber Awareness.
  22. Search & Recovery (search & rescue).
  23. Self-Reliant (solo diver).
  24. (Rec.) Sidemount
  25. Surface Marker Buoy.
  26. Tec 40.
  27. Tec 45.
  28. Tec 50.
  29. Tec Advanced Wreck.
  30. Tec Basics.
  31. Tec Gas Blender.
  32. Tec Sidemount.
  33. Tec Trimix 45.
  34. Tec Trimix 50.
  35. Tec Trimix 65.
  36. Tec Trimix 90.
  37. U/W Naturalist.
  38. U/W Nav.
  39. U/W Video.
  40. Wreck.


Each two months on the paradise Island of Boracay in the Philippines, CD Dan Robinson runs his.

  • PADI AI Course.
  • PADI OWSI Course.
  • Full PADI IDC.
  • PADI Specialty Course.
  • MSDT Prep Course.
  • IDC Staff Course.
  • PADI EFRI Course


Multi-award winning PADI Course Director Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  PADI IDC WaterColors Boracay Diving Adventures S-6775, Philippines.  Sri Lanka.  Maafushi, Maldives.  Koh Tao, Thailand.  Worldwide.

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