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100 per cent. first-time pass rate at PADI Instructor Examination. Specialising in training those who have neither English nor Physics as a first language. Expertise in IDC and CDC store and CDTC applications. OWSI, IDC Staff, MSDT, Speciality Instructor, technical diving instructor training courses.English-, French- and Thai- speaking PADI Course Director, full hypoxic advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer, Technical Advanced Wreck IT, Trimix Blender IT, Tec Sidemount IT, rebreather IT.WaterColors Boracay Diving Adventures S-6775, Philippines Sri Lanka Diving Tours S-21483, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Negombo Maafushi Dive Center S-23424, Maldives Two Fish Divers S-6630, Bunaken, Manado, Indonesia Seaventures Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd S-18736, Sipadan-Kapalai-Mabul-Borneo-East Malaysia Two Fish Divers Lembongan S-23253, Bali, IDN Koh Tao, Thailand WorldwidePrevious international career in capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. Two degrees in pure mathematics from Oxford University.

Diving instructor careers. Advice from PADI Course Director Dan Robinson.

Diving instructor careers.

Diving instructor careers. advice. PADI Instructor Development Course Director Dan Robinson. WaterColors Boracay S-6775 Philippines.

Diving instructor careers start with the first pro SCUBA diving level, which is Divemaster or equiv.  Boracay has some great dive sites to keep your diving instructor careers varied.  There are wrecks, like the Tribird ‘plane above and the Camia, shallow and simple enough for the PADI Wreck Diver and Instructor course.  You may even see a whale shark here!  There is good depth at these sites, at Virgin Drop and the wall at Yapak.  White Beach Boracay is one of the best places to start your dive instructor careers.  There are plenty of dive centres for you to find work after your IDC and begin your diving instructor careers.  Take your IDC with Dan at WaterColors and your diving instructor careers advice will start now.

To commence your diving instructor careers, you will first need to pass an Instructor Examination.  I have a 100 per cent. first-time pass rate at the PADI Instructor Exam.  I keep my class size small and logistics could not be much more easy.  If you are a good fit with Dan’s team and if he needs your skills, then he may hire you.  WaterColors offered work to a diver on Dan’s last IDC on the night of their IE party. 🙂

Many passports get 30-day visas on arrival.  You can get an extension on Boracay.  You can get other visas at overseas consulates.  Working visas and work permits should not impede your diving instructor careers here as much as in other places.

KLO Kalibo Airport on Panay has direct flights from e.g. KUL Kuala Lumpur’s klia2 with AirAsia.  You may also fly to MPH Caticlan from MNL Manila.  A transfer from KLO costs c.PHP 600 Philippine pesos.  For ForEx rates, you can.


You may stay at our 2015 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award-winning (again 🙂 ) nine-room beachfront boutique hotel, #4 of 190 B&Bs/Inns on Boracay as at the date of this piece and #9 in the Philippines.  This is at Boat Station 1, which is a c.half-hour walk along White Beach from our IDC class at our other store at Station 3.  You may choose to stay at the same hotel as Dan at Station 3.  This has lovely staff, is quiet, with big rooms and comfy beds and pillows, air-con and breakfast, warm water and international TV and book swap.

Begin your diving instructor careers by passing first-time the next PADI IE on Boracay on 9 and 10 October.  PADI will charge you AUD A$785 Australian dollars to sit it.  PADI fees are at for e.g.

  • IDC.
  • Emergency First Response Instructor.
  • IE segment resit per module.
  • Specialty Instructor.
  • IDC Staff Instructor
  • Assistant Instructor.
  • DM.


Kick start your diving instructor careers by paying for your place now on Dan’s next IDC from c.25 September.  You must prove to PADI that your Open Water Diver cert. was on or before 25 March.  You will also need PADI or equiv. for.

  • Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Rescue Diver.
  • DM.


The price of the IDC is PHP 62,500, including free-of-charge.

  • Diving for life subject to terms.
  • Dive equipment rental.
  • AI.
  • EFR Instructor Course.
  • Care for Children Instructor Course.


A new EFR is PHP 8,000 if yours is more than 24 months old.

You must have the IDC hologram from your own IDC Crew-pak, which we can order for you or you can buy and leave most of it at home and just bring.

  • Hologram.
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook.
  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate.
  • Open Water Lesson Prep. Slate.
  • Search & Recovery Adventure Dive cue card.


Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Prep is a further PHP 28,000.  This is five Specialty Instructor Training Courses.  Enriched Air NitrOx Diver is PHP 9,500.  Self-Reliant Diver is PHP 15,000.  Succeed in your diving instructor careers by being able to teach more courses.

MSDT Internship is PHP 20,000 more.  This is where you team teach with Dan’s staff and start to certify your own students.  Secure your diving instructor careers by working towards your MSDT rating.  Many diving instructor careers demand this.

IDCS Instructor is PHP 29,500.  Improve your diving instructor careers options by being able to staff IDC progammes and train and cert. your own AIs through PADI Five Star stores towards your Master Instructor and Course Director Training Course apps.  You will need the registration number from your own PADI Course Director manual, which we can order for you or you can buy and leave at home and just bring the code.  You will also need.

  • Small, A5-sized Confined Water Lesson Prep Slate from your IDC Crew-pak.
  • Large, letter-sized Confined Water Teaching Evaluation Slate.
  • Large, letter-sized Open Water Teaching Evaluation Slate.
  • Large, letter-sized Skills Evaluation Slate.


DM students need the DM hologram from their own DM Crew-pak.

Contact Dan on the below form for help with ForEx and get quotes for your PADI books and for your accommodation.

You will need.

  • Basic, non-programmable calculator for your closed-book Physics tests.  (No ‘phone, tablet or laptop allowed for this.)
  • Originals of both versions of the PADI DSAT RDP, both blue table and electronic multilevel eRDPml, with both sets of Instructions for Use booklets.
  • Laptop.  Not tablet.
  • Knife.
  • Pencils.
  • Erasers.
  • Finger spool reel.
  • Surface Marker Buoy.
  • Pocket mask.
  • Large analogue compass.  Neither digital nor watch strap slider.
  • U/W watch or computer with dive mode turned off.


Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training confident, effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Diving instructor careers Boracay, PH.  Negombo, LK.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

Night Diving. PADI MSDT Philippines. Speciality Instructor Training Course.

Night diving.

Night Diving.  PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Prep.  Specialty Instructor Training.  Multi-award winning Course Director Dan Robinson.

One thing I get asked all the time.  “Which courses should I pick for my MSDT Prep?”  The night diving course is a good choice.  The Night Adventure Dive (Night Dive #1) is not core now for Advanced Open Water Diver.  A lot of AOW courses still do it though.  If so, then divers must do the Night Diving Knowledge Review (Part I) from the Adventures in Diving Manual.  The min. age for this dive is 12 years.  If you are a night diving instructor, then you may teach the full PADI Night specialty to Jr. Open Water Divers.  If AOW students choose night diving, then you can teach them the Night Diver speciality by doing Dives #2 and #3 and KR Part II from the Night Diver Manual, which they would then need to own.  PADI Divemasters must have done some night diving.

Night diving can help you to schedule more dives for your guests.  Students may do a max. of three training dives in 24 hours.  “Night diving” now means any time after sunset to before sunrise.  Night diving is a great way to teach some of the skills that you will need for wrecks and caverns.

When night diving, you will see different behaviour from diurnal life, e.g. parrot fish excrete a cocoon sleeping bag made from mucus.

As the night diving student course has a min. of three night dives, the instructor course has a min. of one.

Skills inc.

  • Signals.
  • Nav.
  • ID nocturnal life.
  • Three minutes on the bottom with no lights.


KR topics inc.

  • Use of marker lights (as shown).
  • Comms.
  • Nos. of lights.
  • Types of batteries.


Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Boracay & El Nido, PH.  Negombo, LK.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

PADI Deep Dive Course. Take your divers to 40m! Divemaster scenario credit

PADI Deep Dive Course.

PADI Deep Dive Course.  MSDT Specialty Instructor training. Take your students down to 40m.  Credits to the Divemaster Deep Scenario.

I train more PADI Deep Diver Course Instructors than any other.  This is partly due to my passion for running both this and the diver-level course.  PADI Deep Dive Course Instructors may lead their students down to a max. of 40m.  This is a limit of rec. SCUBA diving, due to the PN2 of c.4 ata./bar.  No deco. limits are shorter at this depth, as faster tissues control such dives.  PADI IDC and IE Dive Theory Exams cover more info.

  • Physics.
  • RDP.


If they have done the PADI Deep Dive Course, you may credit this against DM.  The PADI Deep Dive Course also meets the prereq. for DSAT TecRec Tec 40.

The Deep Instructor Course meets the prereq. for Tec (40) and Tec Deep (50) Instructor.  PADI will not process your Tec Deep Instructor rating until you have certified a total of 10 or more PADI Deep Divers and/or PADI Enriched Air NitrOx Divers (any mix).

Your students may start the PADI Deep Dive Course if they hold the Adventure Diver cert. or equiv.. They do not need Advanced Open Water Diver.  If they can prove they have done the Deep Adventure Dive, then you may credit this against PADI Deep Dive #1.  N.B. Deep is one of the two core dives in a PADI AOW Course.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Indonesia IDC.  Bunaken, Manado, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.  Boracay, PH.  Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabul, Borneo, MY.  Negombo, LK.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

PADI Adventure NitrOx Course. Why Speciality Instructor Training? CD Dan.

PADI Adventure NitrOx Course.

PADI Adventure NitrOx Course.  Why Enriched Air Instructor Training for MSDT?  Most popular PADI Speciality.  CD Dan Robinson.

I am always being asked which specialties to inc. in MSDT programmes.

Look at “barriers to entry”.  Certs. without which most stores will not allow you to use those skills.  The PADI Adventure NitrOx Course is one such e.g..  Most stores will not allow you to use enriched air unless you have a NitrOx card.

What will this allow me to do?  Other than training PADI Enriched Air Divers, you may run the NitrOx Adventure Dive.  This may credit to.

  • PADI Adventure Diver cert. (students must own a PADI Enriched Air Diver book).
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver cert. (five separate Adventure Dives).
  • Dive #1 from the full speciality.  May combine with Open Water Dive #4 or any other Specialty Course Dive.


The PADI Adventure NitrOx Course is the best-selling specialty.  Instructor training lessens your PADI Fees, per  As soon as you have paid, you may start to teach this course and don’t have to wait until you have 25 certs..  Divers will expect you to know about NitrOx.  Most stores offer it.  You may tell your students they may stay down longer.  It is not “safer”, though and does not make you “feel better”.  There is some NitrOx on your IDC and IE Dive Theory Exams.

  • Physics.
  • Physiology.
  • Equipment.


The student course has two optional dives.  As the student course has two dives, PADI insists the Instructor course must have a dive.

Students may do theory on-line, with just the two NitrOx tank analyses and fill log done live.  The 2009 course may be done with computers only and not tables.

The Instructor course needs a 40 per cent. O2 student course first and PADI will not process your rating without this.  N.B. A course that just works with 32/36% (NOAA I/II) does not suffice, e.g. Discover Enriched Air NitrOx 32.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Indonesia IDC.  Bunaken, Manado, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.  Boracay, PH.  Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabul, Borneo, MY.  Negombo, LK.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

Please give your full name and date of birth so I may verify your PADI, SSI, TDI, SDI, NAUI prerequisite certifications

PADI IDC Staff. Instructor Course. Why? How to make more back than costs!


PADI IDC Staff. Instructor Course. Why bother? How can I generate additional revenue streams that will cover the costs? Bunaken, IDN.

Two Fish Divers Indonesia offers a free two-week internship for candidates for PADI IDC Staff, IDC or MSDT!

A couple of days ago I got a call from a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer.  I evaluated his PADI Rescue Diver Exercise #7 on his Instructor Examination a couple of years ago.  He now owns his own dive store in Asia.  His question was.

Why should I do my PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course?  How can I justify the costs?  How will I be able to earn them back and make a profit?

This is not the first time I have had such comments.  What can a PADI IDC Staff Instructor do that an MSDT cannot?

A PADI IDC Staff Instructor can train and certify PADI Assistant Instructors independently of a Course Director.  A PADI Five Star Store number must be entered on the application form or PADI will not process it.  It does not need to be a 5* IDC Store.

A PADI IDC Staff Instructor may staff PADI Instructor Development Courses and have their name entered on Course Report Forms.  Each Open Water SCUBA Instructor Course and IDC candidate (to a max. of eight per form) counts as an advanced certification towards PADI Master Instructor and PADI Course Director Training Course applications.  You’ll need a  min. of two forms to apply for CDTC.  The min. I saw was four.  I had 19 when I attended.  PADI targets a continuing education conversion ratio of 70 per cent. for CDTC.  My 82% got me accepted first time.

How can you earn more money than the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course costs?  Take at look at the Employment Board on your PADI Pros website.  A PADI IDC Staff Instructor is far more attractive to an employer, particularly for dive store management roles.  You know what you are doing.  You can teach Dive Theory, Knowledge Development and skills properly.  You know your PADI Standards.  You can run PADI AI Courses and staff IDC programmes.

What do you need to start?  Teaching Status for both PADI MSDT and for Emergency First Response Instructor.  I can run a Member Status Update and EFRI Retraining Course for you if needed.

What will you learn on your PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course?  Among other things, I will train you how to evaluate skills properly on the 1-5 scale, so you can train your PADI Divemaster Trainees properly.

Do you have to audit an iDC?  No.  This is one option.  The other is a private course.

What are the performance requirements?  You will need to take part in four Knowledge Development sessions with me.  You need to pass a full set of PADI Dive Theory Examinations with me, achieving a min. of 80% on each subject.  Physics.  Physiology.  Recreational Dive Planner.  Skills & Environment.  Equipment.  Also on PADI Systems, Standards & Procedures.  You need to get a min. of a 4.0 on both a Knowledge Development and on a Confined Water Presentation.  You need to match control scores in four out of six sections on a min. of two Knowledge Development Presentations.  Also a min. of twice on three out of five sections for both Confined & Open Water Presentations.

What are the costs?  Your PADI IDC Staff Instructor Application will not get processed unless I write on it the registration number from your Course Director Manual.  Two Fish Divers S-6630 can source this for you for a cost price of $420.  You’ll need both the large A4-size Teaching Evaluation Slates, for Confined and for Open Water.  Two Fish can source for $55 each.  The Skills slate is $25.  You can buy a PADI IDC Staff Crew-pak directly from PADI UK and get it cheaply shipped in Europe, which has a cool bag and the skills slate free.  The 2015 PADI IDC Staff Instructor Application Fee depends on the territory field of your Teaching Address on Your Account on the PADI Pros site.

  • Asia-Pacific AUD A$147 Australian dollars.
  • UK £68.50 plus 20% VAT.
  • Eurozone (20% VAT) and Maldives €81 (no VAT).
  • Switzerland CHF 99.50.
  • Americas $115.


We charge €450 for your PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course.  Your name cannot be entered on the IDC you audit for your PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course, if you choose this option.  Staffing for qualified PADI IDC Staff Instructors is €400 per course, but we will waive this if you bring a candidate.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Indonesia IDC.  Bunaken, Manado, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.  Maafushi, MV.  Boracay, PH.  Negombo, LK.  Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabul, Borneo, MY.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

PADI diving IDC Philippines. 100% Instructor Exam success!

PADI diving IDC Philippines

PADI diving IDC Philippines.  Instructor Exam 100% success!

Course Director Dan Robinson’s 100% IE success continues!

Tuesday:  First time passes in all Dive Theory Exams (>90% each topic).  General Standards:  >80%.

Wednesday a.m.:  Perfect 5.0s first time in class presentations.  Afternoon:  Rescue Exercise 7 first time passes, with no comments.  Dan was on boat examining rescues.  Scores >4.5 for each Open Water presentation.

Thursday:  Perfect 5.0 scores achieved in pool on mini skill circuits and Confined Teaching.

PADI diving IDC—day 10

PADI diving IDC Philippines

PADI diving IDC—day 10

Today we passed the mock Instructor Exam, so we’re ready for 16th.  Our mini skill circuit was:

  • Alternate Air Source use stat. (30 secs).
  • Hover (30 secs).
  • No mask swim (15m).
  • CESA (9m).
  • Remove/replace SCUBA on surface.

We had both Confined and Open Water presentations.

Also, a Rescue Exercise Workshop:

  • 2—Panicked Diver—surface approach and quick reverse.
  • 4—Distressed Diver Underwater—overexertion and out-of-air.
  • 6—Surfacing Unresponsive Diver.
  • 7—Unresponsive Diver at Surface—pocket mask use.
  • 8—Exiting Unresponsive Diver.


Start researching your flights to Philippines now:!

PADI diving IDC Philippines—day nine

PADI diving IDC Philippines—day nine

padi diving idc philippinesOur PADI IDC is complete and today we passed the first part of our mock IE.  This meant the usual set of five Dive Theory Exams (Physics; Physiology; Decompression Theory and the DSAT Recreational Dive Planner; Skills and the Environment; and Equipment).  We also had the normal PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures Exam (General Standards and Procedures).  Homework tonight is prep of the Open Water (two skills integrated) and Confined Water Teaching Presentations.

PADI IDC Philippines―day eight

PADI IDC Philippines

PADI IDC Philippines―EFRI

We began Day Eight of the PADI IDC by passing the fourth Systems, Standards and Procedures Exam.  Afterwards, we passed the third Knowledge Development Presentation.

Today we successfully completed the Emergency First Response and Care for Children Instructor courses.  All PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructors must be EFRIs and this is frequently done concurrently with the IDC.  As an EFR Instructor Trainer, I conduct EFRI & CfC Instructor courses and certify candidates independently of the Instructor Examination.  Candidates complete knowledge reviews on standards, body systems and medical emergencies and an exam is administered.  All skills are demonstrated and there are some teaching presentations.

Our mock exam is tomorrow, so tonight’s homework is preparation of two presentations:  Confined Water (one skill) and Open Water (two skills integrated).

IDC PADI Instructor Development Course―Philippines

IDC PADI Career Development Centre

IDC Day Seven

We began Day Seven today of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) by passing the fourth Confined Water Teaching Presentation in the pool.  Next the fourth set of Dive Theory Examinations was passed.  After lunch we went out on the boat and passed our first (skills 1 and 2) and second (skills 3 and 4) Open Water Teaching Presentations.  As part of this I demonstrated how to conduct:

  • The controlled descent exercise from Dive 2 of the PADI Open Water Course;
  • The hover;
  • The Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA) dive flexible skill from the OWC; and
  • Rigging and lifting using a lift bag from the Search and Recovery Adventure Dive.


We also worked on Rescue Exercise 7, Unconscious Diver on the Surface, both mouth-to-mouth and pocket mask.

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