AWARE Shark Conservation. PADI will give your app fee to non-profit charity

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AWARE Shark Conservation.

AWARE Shark Conservation.  MSDT/Distinctive Specialty Instructor.  PADI donates fee to Project AWARE non-profit charity.

There has been a lot of recent media attention on the global plight of sharks.  The CITES convention is a good example.  It seems as though the public in the west is learning that we must not stand by and allow shark finning.

I hear this way too much.  “♥ training agency is too focussed on your cash.”  Some divers dive just for fun.  Some agencies provide great training but are not run for profit.  Some instructors train their students mostly at the weekend and a course may take months.  This is fine.  I am a pro diver and I love to dive.  I also dive to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly.  My training agency is for profit.

Project AWARE stands for “Aquatic World, Awareness, Responsibility and Education”.  It is not run for profit and is not owned by PADI.  It is the preferred charity of PADI.  PADI charges a one-off fee to process each Speciality Instructor Application, apart from the three ones you get free as an AI.

  • PPB.
  • Project AWARE.
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.


PADI will give all of this fee to Project AWARE for each AWARE Shark Conservation app.  This fee is less if you do the AWARE Shark Conservation course with me (AUD 77, not AUD 123 in 2013).  You may choose if you want to give them any more.  I will charge you PHP 7,000 for the course on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines or THB 4,000 on Koh Tao in Thailand.  Malapascua has.

  • Two types of thresher shark.
  • Bamboo sharks.
  • White tip reef sharks.


Koh Tao has.

  • Whale sharks.
  • Bull sharks.
  • Black tip reef sharks.


The AWARE Shark Conservation rating counts as one of the five you need for MSDT.  My MSDT Prep course on Koh Tao costs THB 20,000.  You may do this with your IDC on Malapascua or on its own.  The student cert. counts as one of the five you need for Master SCUBA Diver.  I would be happy to tailor a bespoke programme for you, say.

  • Whale Shark Awareness.
  • Sea Turtle Awareness.
  • AWARE Shark Conservation.
  • AWARE Fish ID.
  • One more course of your choice.

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