Dive Theory–English. PADI Instructor Development Online. IDC eLearning.

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Dive Theory

Dive Theory–English. PADI IDC Online eLearning. Get your Gift Pass here! Cheap way to pass your dive Instructor Exam!

All PADI OWSIs must pass a PADI Instructor Examination with a PADI Examiner.  PADI employs your Examiner, who is not your Course Director.  Your CD does not work for PADI.  We follow PADI standards, but PADI does not get involved in “he said, she said” business disputes.

A PADI IE takes two days.  PADI will run an IE near you between two and 12 times per year.  PADI Asia-Pacific charges AUD 760 for you to sit an IE in 2014.  PADI Europe, Middle East & Africa charges EUR €490 euros.  PADI Fees go up each 1 Jan.

An IE has four segments.  These are.

  1. Written Exams.
  2. Knowledge Development.
  3. Confined Water.
  4. Open Water.


If you are not successful on your first IE, the PADI resit fee per module is AUD 320 in AP or €220 in EMEA.

Written Exams has two parts.  One is Dive Theory Exams.  The other is Standards.  All Written Exam papers are PADI copyright and the Examiner collects them in each time, with no iPads photos, etc..  PADI has a number of series of these papers and PADI rotates them.  Your CD does not have copies.  If you cheat, PADI may expel you and you will then find it hard join a SCUBA training organisation.

Dive Theory Exams have five subjects.

  1. Physics.
  2. Physiology.
  3. Decompression Theory & RDP.
  4. Equipment.
  5. Skills & Environment.


The pass mark is 75 per cent. on each topic.  Each Dive Theory subject has 12 questions, so you may make a max. of three mistakes on each one.  You will have 90 minutes to use as you wish on the five topics.  If you have proof of a learning disability or the exams are not available in your mother tongue (e.g. Sinhala, Tagalog, Visayan, Dhivehi), then you will have 135 minutes, but you may not have an oral exam from a translator.  You may use paper or electronic dictionaries or translators (no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G).  Your Examiner is there to help you with more simple grammar and vocabulary.  Dive Theory Exams are closed-book with clear desks and no notes.

If you do not pass a max. of one of the five Dive Theory subjects, then you can have a make-up on that one free-of-charge on the same IE.  If you score less than 75 per cent. on two or more, then you will have to pay for and join a second IE later, where you will have to pass them all.

You must pass at least one full set of Dive Theory Exams from the same set of papers to pass your IDC, IDC Staff or OWSI Course.  (IDC Staff Instructors need 80 per cent., so can make two errors on each Dive Theory topic, not three.)

The most common cause of failing an IE is due to Dive Theory.  For c.8% more, I will send you an eLearning Gift Pass for Dive Theory–English or –Japanese.  PADI has written many Dive Theory questions on these slides on all the subjects.  Contact me and I will send you my Learning Agreement.

Dive Theory eLearning will not make you literate or numerate.  It will help to train you to pass an IE if you already have the reading English and maths abilities of an average 18-year old US high school leaver.  If you have not had the luck to have had a free first-World western developed nation education, then you will need to pay for lessons from a native English-speaker.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, creating confident, effective and efficientSM dive educators.

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