MSDT Philippines. PADI Speciality Instructor Training Course. Dan Robinson

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MSDT Philippines.

MSDT Philippines.  PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Prep & Internship.  White Beach, Boracay.  Course Director Dan Robinson.

You need the MSDT Philippines cert. to apply for many dive jobs right now.  Active status PADI DMs and up may get a free account on the PADI Pros site and can then check the job boards on there.  An MSDT holds at least five Speciality Instructor ratings beyond those that all AIs may teach (they are Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE Coral Reef Conservation).  MSDT Philippines candidates must have taught at least 25 PADI divers at any level, like Open Water or Rescue.  Seal Team or Master Seal Team may only account for a max. of five certs..  Courses without dives may only account for a max. of five.  You may conduct 125 DSD or ReActivate programmes, as five DSDs or ReActivate are the same for you as one Open Water cert..  You may issue 50 Open Water referrals, if you conduct all knowledge development, confined water dives and watermanship assessments, as two such referrals are the same for you as one Open Water cert..  You may mix and match these options.

All PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructors (OWSIs) and higher may teach the 20 Adventure Dives in the Adventures in Diving Programme, but not.

  • AWARE—Shark Conservation.
  • Digital Underwater Photo (DUP).
  • NitrOX.
  • Sidemount.


For these dives, one must also be a Specialty Instructor in that area of diving.

It is only the 2nd (and last) dive in the DUP course that is an Adventure Dive, with the 2nd (and last) knowledge review from the DUP book, which each student must have their own current version of.  It is a clear breach of PADI standards for a non-DUP Instructor to teach only the first dive of the spec. and use this with the knowledge review from the AiD book, which is for film photos, not digital and then not also to certify that student for the DUP spec..

Other than PPB and the two AWARE courses (per above), to teach a Specialty you must first apply for each rating.  Your PADI annual fees do not increase with the number of specs. you can teach or if you are MSDT Philippines or IDC Staff or Master Instructor (MI).  You need at least 15 PADI Specialty Diver student certs. to apply for the PADI MI rating.  You need any mix that totals 10 of NitrOx and/or Deep certs. to get to DSAT TecRec Deep Instructor.  MSDT Philippines can train PADI Master SCUBA Divers, which is the “black belt” of non-pro diving.  MSDT Philippines may focus on the types of diving they love.  MSDT Philippines can also earn more!

Doing Speciality Instructor Training Courses with me (Method 1) during your MSDT Philippines is the best way to get your ratings.  Your PADI Application Fees are the least with Method 1 (CD trained) and you may begin teaching your specs. as soon as PADI approves you, otherwise you must wait for your first 25 certs. if you choose Method 2 (direct).  The 2016 PADI Method 1 (Course Director) Speciality Instructor App. Fee is EUR €35 euros.

Your MSDT Philippines inc. five of the best ratings and you may opt for an internship with the chance to earn your first 25 certs..  I would of course love to train you on one or more specs. outside of this course if you wish.

IDC Platinum PHP 105,000 Philippine pesos.

  • Inc. EFRI.
  • Plus MSDT Philippines Prep.


MSDT Philippines Prep Silver PHP 35,000.

  • Five Speciality Instructor Training Courses.


MSDT Philippines Gold Internship PHP 55,000.

  • MSDT Philippines Prep.
  • Team teach for the chance to earn your first 25 certs.


MSDT Philippines Prep Platinum PHP 59,000.

  • 10 Specialty Instructor Training Courses.


AWARE Fish ID Instructor PHP 10,000.

AWARE Shark Conservation Instructor PHP 10,000.

Boat Diver Instructor PHP 10,000.

Cavern Instructor PHP 12,500.

Deep Instructor PHP 12,500.

Digital Underwater Photographer Instructor PHP 10,000.

Drift Instructor PHP 10,000.

Emergency Oxygen Instructor PHP 7,500—provider level not needed if you do this course with me.

Enriched Air NitrOx Instructor PHP 7,500—inc. the one dive that you must do by standards on your EANx Instructor Course.

Equipment Instructor PHP 7,500—you do not need to attend a manufacturer’s repair clinic and get a letter from them if you do this course with me.

Multilevel Instructor PHP 10,000.

Night Instructor PHP 10,000.

Search and Recovery Instructor PHP 12,500.

Recreational Sidemount Instructor PHP 10,000—diver level not needed if you do this course with me.

Self-Reliant (solo diver) Instructor PHP 10,000.

Surface Marker Buoy Instructor PHP 10,000.

Tec Gas Blender Instructor PHP 7,500.

Underwater Naturalist Instructor PHP 10,000.

Underwater Navigator Instructor PHP 10,000.

Underwater Videography Instructor PHP 10,000.

Do Wreck Instructor with your MSDT Philippines for PHP 12,500.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training confident, effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  MSDT Philippines (Boracay).  Koh Tao, Thailand.  Negombo, LK.  Worldwide.

MSDT Philippines!

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  1. Theepan Manohar says:

    Hi There,

    I would like to enquire about doing a MSDT prep course.
    How much would it cost in total including padi fees?


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