Multilevel Diver. Specialty Instructor Course. MSDT. Master SCUBA Diver.

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multilevel diver.

Multilevel Diver. Instructor cert. for PADI MSDT. Speciality Instructor Training Course. Student cert. for Master SCUBA Diver.

We all know that buoyancy is one of the first things we must learn when we start to dive.  First we assume a square profile, where we say that we go straight down to our max. depth at time t=0 and stay there for all of the bottom time until we go up for our safety stop.  Multilevel Diver is the next step and is more like real life.  We spend some time at our first depth, then we go up to our second or even third depth before we do our safety stop. This course is great for the would-be tec diver to learn how to keep good stop depths before they do so with the extra risk of DCS.  I can build a bespoke MSDT or MSD package for you, say.

  • Multilevel Diver Instructor.
  • NitrOx.
  • PADI Cavern Instructor.
  • Deep.
  • Self-Reliant (solo diver) Instructor.


The student Multilevel Diver Specialty has two dives, where we learn how to plan two- and three-level dives on the eRDPml and then do them.  The Instructor Course has one dive and costs PHP 8,000 on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, where each two months I run.

  • IDC.
  • MSDT.
  • Specialty Instructor Course.
  • DSAT TecRec technical diving from Tec Basics right up through full Tec Trimix Instructor and Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Course.


Multilevel Diver Instructor is also available on Koh Tao in Thailand as part of your MSDT for THB 20,000 or on its own for THB 4,000.  Of course I would love to come to you wherever in the World you are, particularly the UK or Australia.  In 2013, PADI AP will charge you a one-off fee of AUD 77 for each specialty if you do the course with me.  If you do five at the same time with me in the Philippines, they will charge you for four.  If you do five at the same time with me on Koh Tao, they will waive your MSDT app. fee.  Your yearly fee does not go up with the number of courses you can teach or if you are MSDT or IDC Staff.

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