ANDI Level 3 Intro to Cave Course. Apprentice Programme. TH/PH/Worldwide.

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ANDI Level 3.


ANDI Level 3 Intro to Cave Apprentice Course with award-winning PADI DSAT TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson.

ANDI Level 3 Intro to Cave Course is the second step to Full Cave Diver and comes straight after Cavern.  The size of your ANDI Level 3 class will be kept small for your comfort.  On your ANDI Level 3 course in Thailand your training will be in a number of freshwater caves.

  • Khao Sok National Marine Park.  Temple Cave and Peter’s Cave.  These are found on the side of rock pinnacles sticking up from a huge lake made by a dam.  A long-tail boat will take us for the ~40 min. trip to the caves.  The cavern zones are lit by beautiful green light and filled with gorgeous rock formations.  We will see catfish and other river-dwellers, before we leave the light and follow our lines in.


  • Sa Kaeo.  You will not believe it when you see the ponds, but, at ~240m, this is one of the deepest spots in the region, six times more than Koh Tao and three times more than the deepest part of the Gulf of Siam, near Pattaya.  Just inside, you will see freshwater prawns.


  • Song Hong.  This is ~165m deep and means Two Rooms in Thai.  There is more than enough water here to supply the local town!  One of the more interesting things I have seen recently is the underwater decompression habitat at just over 6m.


Award winning PADI TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson is a DSAT Technical Advanced Wreck Instructor Trainer, Tec Trimix IT and ANDI Cave Instructor.  With a 100 per cent. first time pass rate at the Instructor Examination, each two months on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, he runs.

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  • MSDT Prep.
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  • Tec Deep Instructor Training Course (Tec 50m deep air extended range).
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