PADI Drysuit Course. MSDT Speciality Instructor Training. CD Dan Robinson.

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padi drysuit course.

PADI Drysuit Course.  MSDT Speciality Instructor Training.  Award-winning DSAT TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson.

When we rec. dive in a dry suit, we use the dry suit for our buoyancy U/W and we use our BCD for this at the surface.  When we tec dive, we just take the dry suit squeeze off U/W and use our wing for buoyancy.  A dry suit may have enough lift to act as a back-up if you dive with a single bladder in a light rig.  With multiple and/or steel stage/deco tanks, we use a double bladder wing.  You can get a P-valve on your dry suit so you can feel free to hydrate and have a low risk of DCS for long deco dives.  A dry suit is not really “dry” as you will perspire and they may leak a little at the wrists.  The dump valve on a dry suit is either at the wrist or at the shoulder.  A dry suit is mostly either crushed neoprene or trilaminate.  Your can use Argon to inflate your dry suit, but most of us just use our air or NitrOx—but not trimix, so we can avoid isobaric counter-diffusion; and due to helium conducting heat away from us too quickly.  Argon has about half of the heat capacity of air.  We can vary the type of under-suit with the temp.  Some wear dry gloves and dry hoods.  I prefer wet three-finger mitts.  Your dry suit seals will be fixed with cuff-rings or are a manchette design.

As my IDC candidates know, if a student will use a dry suit for a training dive, then you must first orient them to its use in confined water if they have not used one before.  They also know about the carotid sinus reflex if a dry suit, wetsuit or hood neck seal is too tight.  If too much gas gets into the feet of the dry suit, the fins can come off and the diver might ascend quickly to the surface.  We teach them to.

  • Tuck into a ball and roll.
  • Flair their arms and legs.
  • Vent gas from the dry suit (open the seals if nec.).


All PADI Instructors may teach the Drysuit Adventure Dive (PADI Drysuit Course Dive 1) with its knowledge review, but only PADI Drysuit Course Instructors may teach Dive 2 and KR2.  All PADI (Jr.) Open Water Divers (min. age 10 years) may do the PADI Drysuit Course.  If they are PADI Night Divers, then PADI Drysuit Course dives may also be done at night.  In the UK, the PADI Drysuit Course is one of the best specialities as the water is quite cold for at least six months each year.  The PADI Drysuit Course links with the PADI Open Water Course by doing OWC Dives 1–4 in a dry suit and doing the skills from PADI Drysuit Course Dive 1 during Dives 2–4, then by doing PADI Drysuit Course Dive 2 as a fifth dive.  This system is similar for.

  • PADI PPB Course.
  • PADI Enriched Air NitrOx Diver Course.
  • PADI Digital U/W Photo Course.
  • PADI Altitude Diving Course.
  • PADI Boat Diving Course.


On the beautiful Island of Koh Tao in Thailand, I will charge you THB 20,000 for your MSDT Prep Course, plus any expenses, inc. hire of your dry suit.  I will charge you THB 4,000 for one Specialty Instructor Training Course.  In the year 2013, PADI AP will charge you just AUD 77 per Specialty Instructor card and you do not then have to wait until you have 25 student certs before you may teach the course.  If you do five courses with me at the same time on Koh Tao, PADI AP will process your MSDT free as soon as you have your 25 certs.

Each two months on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, I run my.

  • PADI AI Course.
  • PADI OWSI Course.
  • Full PADI IDC.
  • PADI Specialty Instructor Training Course.
  • Full PADI MSDT Prep Course.
  • Technical diving courses from Tec Basics right up through full Tec Trimix Instructor and Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Course.


I can travel to you wherever in the World you are, especially to the UK or to Australia.  I can build you a bespoke package, say (all at student and instructor levels).

  • PADI Drysuit Course.
  • PADI Ice Instructor Course.
  • PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor Course.
  • PADI Altitude Diving Course.
  • PADI Night Diver Course.

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  1. Chai Ann says:


    May I know if you are offering drysuit diving course anywhere in South East Asia? Thank you.

    Chai Ann

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