Recompression Chamber Awareness. PADI MSDT Specialty Instructor Course. MSD

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Recompression Chamber.

Recompression Chamber Awareness. PADI MSDT Speciality Instructor Training Course. Tec Course Director Dan Robinson.

On our Recompression Chamber dive, we will breathe pure oxygen at 18 msw (PO2 2.8 bar).  It is more likely that we will convulse when we are U/W, but if it happens on dry land then we will not drown.  This will max. our off-gassing gradient at a rel. high pressure, so will throw open the oxygen window with a low risk of a DCS bend, which we could get if rel. large bubbles were to form in the “wrong” place.  Technical divers call this “accelerated deco” and Tec 45 Divers and up use it to get out of the water more quickly.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is most often used for non-diving patients who have an illness or injury that a higher partial pressure of O2 may help to heal .  Hyperbaric chambers come in many sizes, from one-person units up to multi-person ones.

The max. “depth” for the Recompression Chamber Course Dive is 40 msw.  Students will be min. 15-year-old PADI Open Water Divers or similar from other agencies.  Recompression Chamber Instructors may take a max. of eight divers in the chamber with them.  When I did my course in London, the chamber held eight divers plus one nurse.  All divers need a medical signed by an indep. doctor that states they are fit for diving and is less than 12 months old.  The Recompression Chamber Course Instructor may wait outside the unit.  You can take your dive computers and gauge in with you, but the computers will need to go in a bucket of water to put them in active contact dive mode.  A talk is given and one of the recompression chamber’s staff members may do this.  The talk will inc.

  • The high risk of fire and explosion due to high PO2.
  • You will wear clothes made from cotton.
  • Changes in the pitch of your voice on the way “down” and back “up”.
  • Changes in temp. on the way “down” and back “up”.
  • How to do a five min. neuro. exam.
  • Timed task at depth, etc.


Each two months on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, award-winning DSAT TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson runs his.

  • PADI AI Course.
  • PADI OWSI Course.
  • Full PADI IDC.
  • IDC Staff Course.
  • Full PADI MSDT Prep Course.
  • PADI Speciality Instructor Training Course at PHP 8,000 each plus expenses (which will inc. the costs of the trip to the chamber).
  • Technical diving from Tec Basics right up through Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor and Tec Trimix Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Course.

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