NitrOx Instructor Course. Plus diver level with PADI CD Dan Robinson.

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nitrox instructor course.

NitrOx Instructor Course.  PADI Enriched Air Diver & Speciality Instructor Training Course.  Course Director Dan Robinson.

NitrOx Instructor Course available straight after your IDC while PADI does your paperwork and before you are in teaching status.  This Specialty Instructor Training Course requires you to be a student first for at least 40 per cent. oxygen.  You may apply direct to PADI via Method 2 to teach NitrOx once you have any 25 diver certs.  In 2013 you would pay an app. fee of AUD 105.  As a new instructor, you may feel a bit unsure teaching this course.

The diver level course course does have two dives, but these are optional.  Students must analyse two actual enriched air blends.  It is a clear breach of standards just to use the PADI simulator software for this.  The NitrOx Instructor Course has no dives.

As a PADI Enriched Air Instructor, you may choose to teach your divers either the old table-based course or the new computer-based one.  The min. age for divers has now been dropped to 12 years. This is a recreational course, but it is also a necessary step to become a technical diver.  As such, I try to teach my instructor candidates and my prospective tec divers the old course as I find it to have a higher theoretical content.  One of the topics from the old DM course that is still on the IDC and IE is Decompression Theory and the DSAT RDP.  This paper has questions on NitrOx.  I feel that the new course is more suited to young divers and those who have no interest in being a pro or going tec.  The old course has a particular focus on the common NOAA I and II blends.  Either way there are a few key rules that all divers must stick to.

NitrOx is PADI’s best-selling specialty Worldwide.  You must have a EANx card to get fills and to dive with them.  The main benefit of breathing NitrOx is that, at shallower depths, you get longer bottom times.  Is it more safe per se?  Will you feel less tired?  We will talk about these in depth!  I will give you a role model demo. of how to teach this course.

I may teach you the NitrOx Instructor Course and then you may apply to PADI via Method 1 and pay them just AUD 77.  Of course you will have to pay me too.  On Koh Tao in Thailand, for the student course I charge THB 6,000 with no dives or THB 8,000 with the two dives.  The instructor course is THB 4,000 more.  Here we have a great site to use NitrOx at:  the wreck of HTMS Sattakut, which is just less than 30m to the sand and around 16m to the top of the bridge.

I run IDCs each two months with the thresher sharks on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines.  I can teach the NitrOx Instructor Course there for PHP 7,000 and the diver course is PHP 10,900 with the two dives.  The threshers may be seen each day at Monad Shoal, which is a good depth for NitrOx at 27m.

I can travel Worldwide to you to teach you from Tec Basics Distinctive right through full hypoxic advanced Tec Trimix Instructor.  You must be a Tec Deep Instructor first, before you move on to Tec Trimix Instructor.  After your Tec Deep Instructor course, before you apply to PADI, you must have certified any mix of NitrOx or Deep divers that totals 10.

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