PADI IDC Boracay. Philippines FREE DIVING FOR LIFE (t&c) 6 courses per year

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PADI IDC Boracay.

PADI IDC Boracay.  One of the Philippines’ best IDC venues.  You may get dive jobs here!  DIVE FOR FREE FOR LIFE (t&c)!  CD Dan.

Why should you choose to pass your PADI IDC in the Philippines?  The SCUBA diving here is some of the best in the World.  Why then should you choose Boracay?  You may see whale sharks and manta rays here.  We have depth, drifts and wrecks.  White Beach is one of the best in the World and draws a lot of tourists.  There are plenty of bars, places to eat and night life.  There are two airports, so you will have a min. of 15 mins. by road and an eight-min. boat ride.  There is decent Wi-Fi access here.

Multi-award-winning PADI Course Director Dan Robinson runs PADI IDC Boracay at least six times each year.  He provides bespoke courses to those who have neither English nor Physics as a first language.  Dan enjoys a 100 per cent. first-time pass rate at the IE.  In the unlikely event of you not passing your IDC, you will be able to re-sit any necessary segments.

The 2017 PADI Asia-Pacific IE Fee is AUD 865.  If you were to have to re-sit any of the four segments, then each one would cost you AUD 350 and you would need to attend another IE, maybe not on Boracay and perhaps not even in the Philippines.  The four segments are.

  • Dive Theory and PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures.
  • Prescriptive academic knowledge development presentation in the classroom.
  • Confined water teaching presentation and five-skill circuit.
  • Open water teaching presentation and Rescue Exercise 7.


At around two weeks, our IDC is the right length:  you have enough time for us to help you to become a confident, effective and efficient instructor; but you do not have to spend ages away from your work.  Our students are our top priority here.  You’ll have ample time to prepare yourself and enjoy our World-class PH diving for FREE FOR LIFE (t&c).  We only accept a few students on each course, so you get the personal service you need.  You’ll be trained at your own pace.

Your Dive Theory will need upgrading from the 2010 PADI Divemaster Course so you will breeze through your IE.  By far and away the best way to do this is via PADI’s eLearning Dive Theory–English or –Japanese.  This will for sure be the best $120 you will ever spend.  The 2010 DM Course no longer has five separate Dive Theory Exams on.

  • Physics.
  • Physiology.
  • Decompression Theory and the PADI DSAT Recreational Dive Planner.
  • Equipment.
  • Skills and the Environment


Instead there are just two tests, which cover a lot less ground.  The IDC curriculum has not changed and you must still pass full sets of these tests before I may send you to your IE.  Then you must pass them again at your IE.  Failing these is the most common cause of not passing an IE.  Pay me the $120 via PayPal ( and I will send you your eLearning Gift Pass now.  I as your CD will track your progress myself.  From all of my years doing this, I can tell you that your IDC and IE will then be far less stressful.

We have a number of PADI IDC Boracay courses, starting from just PHP 70,000, inc. Prep, full IDC (AI and OWSI Courses), Emergency First Response Instructor Course and EFR Care for Children Instructor Course.  The 2017 PADI Europe, Middle East & Africa Instructor App Fee is EUR €156.  For processing, I must fix a holographic decal sticker to your IDC Certificate of Completion.  This ships with PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which comes with your Crew-pak.  The Crew Pack is PHP 24,559.78.

Only current CPR and First Aid Instructors may become PADI dive instructors.  Our EFR and Care for Children Instructor Course is PHP 10,500.  The 2017 PADI EFRI App Fee is €97.  The EFRI Manual is PHP 4,353.67.  For your EFRI App processing, you must have student-level CPR and First Aid in the last two years.  If you need a new card, this is PHP 8,000.

PADI MSDT Prep is five of the best PADI Speciality Instructor Courses for PHP 28,000.  If you would like an internship so you may team-teach for the chance to earn your first 25 certs, then this is a further PHP 20,000.

For PHP 35,000, I run an IDC Staff Instructor Course with each IDC and on their own on demand.  New OWSIs can train DMs, not just Open Water.  The IDC Staff Course helps you score DMTs and will also increase your Dive Theory knowledge to a role-model level.  You must buy a personal current Course Director Manual, which comes with a code number that I must write on your IDCS App Form.  You will also need confined and open water evaluation slates.

I would love to train you from DSAT TecRec Basics through full hypoxic Tec Trimix Instructor.

If you don’t pass your IE, you can attend for free the parts you need of another PADI IDC Boracay.  Help me continue my 100% success rate!  Let me welcome you to paradise!

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