PADI Oxygen Instructor. Course for DMs & up. Course Director Dan Robinson.

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PADI Oxygen Instructor.  Course available to PADI Divemasters and up.  Student level not needed with my course.

PADI Oxygen Instructor and rec. SM Instructor are the two ratings that, if you take the courses with me, you do not need the student cert. first.

So, when should you take the PADI Oxygen Instructor course with me (Method 1)?  We can do it as soon as you are a DM.  That way you will be able to start to certify your own students.  You may use up to five non-diving certs. towards your MSDT App. and up to 25 when you go for Master Instructor.  MIs also need to have certified at least 15 Speciality students and at least 50 “advanced” (any specialities or higher than OW).  If you choose to apply to attend a Course Director Training Course, you need a ConEd ratio (“advanced”/total, no EFR) of at least 70% (mine was over 80%).  Those accepted mostly have more than 360 student certs.

O2 Provider may be taught with EFR and O2 Providers may omit Exercise 9 from the Rescue Course.  Once your Rescue Divers have any five PADI Specialties or TecRec certs. they may then apply for free in 2013 and become PADI Master SCUBA Divers.  TecRec cards are:  Gas Blender, Tec Sidemount, Advanced Wreck, Technical Rescue, Tec Basics, Tec 40, 45, 50, Tec Deep, Trimix 45, 50, 65 and 90+.  Your O2 Providers must own a personal, current student manual.

Giving 100% O2 is the primary first aid for near drowning and DCI, but fewer than 50% of those injured get any.  Of those that do, still fewer get concentrations that are high enough.  In Australia, the PADI O2 course is a statement of attainment to be able to administer oxygen (needed in Queensland).

On my PADI Oxygen Instructor course, I will give you a role model demo. of how you ought to teach your own O2 Providers.  I will charge you PHP 7,000 on Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines or THB 4,000 on Koh Tao in Thailand.  You may choose this as one of the five courses in your MSDT Prep.  In 2013, you will pay PADI an App. Fee of AUD 77 per Speciality via Method 1 (Course Director), rather than AUD 105 via Method 2 (direct).

padi oxygen instructor.This is not the most up to date ConEd flowchart, but I like the old stuff.  It does not include Emergency Oxygen Provider or Sidemount.

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