PADI SMB Course. Distinctive Speciality Instructor Training for MSDT, MSD.

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padi smb course.

PADI SMB Course.  Distinctive Speciality Instructor Training for MSDT.  PADI SMB Course–diver also available for your MSD.

PADI SMB Course.  How many times have I heard. “All open water divers can do this!”  Use of a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy or lift bag is NOT a skill from the PADI Open Water Diver Course.  If you are a PADI Member and you think it should be taught on that course, by all means please write to them.  PADI Instructors must teach to standards, which means not leaving anything out and not adding skills if you feel like it.  Open Water is a PADI course, not your course.  Use of an SMB is one of the most hazardous things done during a dive, even for a course director.  You can suddenly increase your overall buoyancy and, in the worst case, shoot up to the top and.

  • Get a lung over-expansion injury, even if you do not hold your breath.
  • Get DCS even if you are not on a deco dive.


An SMB is most often used at the end of dive to show surface support where you are and that you are OK.  The PADI SMB Course teaches safe use of SMBs, both on the bottom and in mid-water.  There are two dives at the student level and one for the instructor cert.  You can cut your risk of a rapid ascent.  There are some ways that an SMB can be deployed, e.g.:

  • Empty your BCD into the SMB, so your overall buoyancy does not change.
  • Use the bubbles you breath out, at least to start.
  • Some SMBs are blown up with your mouth through a tube.
  • Use your octopus, but you could get caught up in the line.
  • Use a separate LPI whip, but you could get caught up and you are adding an extra point where your kit could fail you.


Each two months on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu in the Philippines, award-winning Course Director Dan Robinson runs.

  • IDC.
  • MSDT Prep.
  • Specialties.
  • Technical diving from Tec Basics through full Trimix Instructor and Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Diver.


I also run programmes on Koh Tao in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia or wherever in the World you are, particularly the UK!

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