PADI Specialities: Instructor Training Courses, TecRec CD Dan Robinson

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padi specialities


PADI Specialities—Instructor Training Courses with award-winning CD & DSAT TecRec Trimix IT Dan Robinson.


I have found that most divers try to climb the dive tree as fast as they can.  Why should they rush?  It is your job to help them to take their time and explore all of the branches!  I know lots of DMs, Instructors and Course Directors who have only ever dived in clear, calm, shallow, warm, salt water.  They have only dived on air and have not been in caves, caverns or wrecks or under ice or at altitude.  Some always dive either from boats or from the shore, but have not tried both.

All PADI Assistant Instructors and above may teach three PADI Specialities:  Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.  All other PADI Specialities must be applied for and a one-off charge is payable direct to PADI for each one.  Tec Basics is free for tec instructors and Trimix 45 comes with Trimix 50.  Your annual fees do not increase with the number of courses you may teach or if you are MSDT or IDCS.

There are three ways for an instructor to apply for a course.

  • Method 1 is after taking a Speciality Instructor Training Course with a CD like me.  I will charge you PHP 7,000 at Exotic Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines or THB 4,000 on Koh Tao in Thailand.  I should also be delighted to travel to you; please drop me a line at  Your PADI Application Fee is the least with Method 1, at AUD 77 for each course in 2013, even for distinctives such as Self-Reliant Diver (solo diver)!  You may then start to teach your PADI Specialities as soon as your fees are paid and you have been approved.  You only need 10 dives of the type you want to teach.  Cavern Instructors must be full cave divers.  Enriched Air NitrOx and Semiclosed Rebreather Instructors must be diver-level first (40% min. oxygen for NitrOx).  Self-Reliant Instructors need to be divers first or have a tec card.  Emergency Oxygen Instructors do not need a provider card.  Equipment Instructors do not need to attend a manufacturer’s repair clinic or have a letter from one.  Recreational Sidemount Instructors do not need to be students first, but Tec Sidemount Instructors must be Tec Sidemount Divers (as well as tec instructors).


  • Method 2 is direct to PADI and costs AUD 105 in 2013 for each rating.  You must have 25 diver certs. at any level before you may apply this way and you need 20 dives of the type you want to teach.  Cavern Instructors must still be full cave divers and NitrOx and SCR Instructors still need student cards.  O2 Instructors must now also have a provider card and Equipment Instructors need to attend a repair clinic (few spaces and limited to dive centre staff) or get a letter (not likely unless you can get on a clinic).  Rec. SM Instructors now need to have a diver card.


  • Method 3 is for distinctive PADI Specialities and costs AUD 209 in 2013 for each course.

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