Self Reliant Diver and Distinctive Speciality Instructor Training Course.

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Self Reliant Diver. PADI Distinctive Speciality Instructor Training Course with award-winning DSAT TecRec CD Dan Robinson.

Of course the buddy system is important, as is team diving for tec divers.  Recognising this, Self Reliant Diver is a great course for.

  • Diving on your own!  A lot of boats, stores, lakes, etc. will not let you dive alone without a solo diver card.  You will now have no buddy to worry about and who may scare away the beautiful aquatic life that you are there trying to see.
  • Intro. to technical diving without having to buy or rent significant extra kit.  You need a redundant gas source, like an extra tank, sidemount, a twin set or a pony bottle.  You must have a second dive computer or depth gauge and timer.  You also need a knife and two SMBs and a reel with at least 30m of line.
  • DMs and instructors, as your buddy, if you have one, may well be far less experienced than you and unable to help you when you need it.
  • Photographers and videographers.  (I also train these up to instructor level.)


Self Reliant Divers are at least 18 years old and Advanced with 100 or more dives.  There is no Self Reliant Diver manual.  I will teach you how to calculate your Surface Air Consumption (SAC) rate.  This is the same as your Residual Minute Volume (RMV).  It is how much gas in litres you breathe in one minute on the surface.  It varies hugely with your level of stress.  You will also learn not to push your no deco. limits and that you must start to ascend at least five mins. before you reach them.

Self Reliant Diver and the PADI Distinctive Specialty Instructor rating are some of the courses I get the most questions asked about.  As a distinctive, in 2013, instructor candidates must pay AUD 209 to apply direct to PADI via Method 3.  They must then also have already certified at least 25 divers at any level.  It is quite likely that new instructors will be a little unsure about teaching this course as it is a little out of the ordinary.

Amongst other things, I am a Self Reliant Diver Instructor Trainer.  After you attend a course with me, you may apply to PADI via Method 1 and, in 2013, pay just AUD 77 to them (so you save AUD 132).  Of course I will charge you for my courses too.  You may begin teaching this course to your divers as soon as PADI has your fee and has approved you.  This will help you to get to MSDT more quickly and make you more employable as a lot of jobs on the PADI Pros web boards ask for this.  I will give you a role model demo. of how to teach this course safely and to standards.  Candidates must still have the diver card themselves or have a tec cert..

Your annual fees do not grow with the number of courses you may teach or if you are MSDT or IDC Staff.  Self Reliant Diver Instructor counts as one of the five extra ratings you need to get to MSDT, beyond the three you get as an AI (PPB, AWARE & CRC).  If you do at least five courses with me in Thailand in 2013, PADI will not charge you to become MSDT.  Your divers may use their card as one of the five they need for the Master SCUBA Diver rating, for which there is no charge in 2013 by PADI Asia-Pacific.

On Koh Tao in Thailand I will charge you THB 12,000 for the student course and a further THB 4,000 for the instructor course, i.e. a total of THB 16,000, as always not with your own PADI App. Fee.  I can also train you on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, where I run IDCs each two months.  I can travel to you, to Bali, the UK or wherever in the World you are.  I may teach you from Tec Basics right up through full hypoxic advanced Tec Trimix Instructor and Tec Sidemount Instructor.

self reliant diver.

I like this old-school Instructor patch.  I remember getting one when I was a Rescue Diver.  They are all chevron-style now.

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