IDC Day Five

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We continued the IDC this morning with Conducting Open Water Teaching Presentations, during which we prepared our first two skills to be delivered together tomorrow afternoon.  One of the segments of the PADI Instructor Examination is Open Water, during which candidates must present two skills, usually from different PADI courses.  Multiple-level training is encouraged in order to promote continuing education and this is often a realistic teaching circumstance in any event.  On the IE, a briefing is given by the instructor candidates, integrating the two skills, i.e. *not* one followed by the other.  The team of, often six, candidates then role-plays in open water, with each taking turns at playing “instructor”.  The “instructor” then picks a “divemaster” and the other candidates are “students”.  The Instructor Examiner (themselves a Course Director) assigns secret problems to some of the students, which the “instructor” should correct.  Afterwards, a debriefing is given.  Each skill is graded out of five and then the two scores are averaged, with 3.4 being a pass.  There is no makeup.

Also part of the Open Water segment is a demonstration of Rescue Exercise 7, Unconscious Diver on the Surface, with approach, evaluation, contact, rescue breaths and equipment removal.  This is examined on the IE by a local CD, rather than an Examiner.  It is pass/fail, with a makeup available, this time with the Examiner.  Failing either the teaching presentation or the rescue (twice) means a resit of the entire Open Water segment.

Confined Water Teaching Presentations are similar, but include a demonstration.  This is excluded in open water as it is assumed that students have already seen one in the pool.  Only one confined skill is presented, with a makeup available if a score of under 3.4 is achieved.  The Confined Water segment includes the mini-skill circuit.  Makeups are available on both the Confined Water Teaching Presentation and, in limited circumstances, the skill circuit.

Today I also presented the PADI SCUBA Diver/Open Water Diver Course, the PADI Rescue Diver Course, the PADI Adventures in Diving Programme and PADI Speciality Diver Courses.

Lastly, the second PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures Examination was passed.

Homework tonight is preparation of the third Confined Water Teaching Presentation.

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