PADI Adventures in Diving Manual 2016 updated Adventure Dives Dan Robinson

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PADI Adventures in Diving Manual.

PADI Adventures in Diving Manual. New Advanced Open Water Diver Course. 2016 updated Adventure Dives.

Firstly, there are now 24 Adventure Dives in the PADI Adventures in Diving Programme and there are 13 chapters in the 2016 PADI Adventures in Diving Manual.  As a result, any Instructor may teach any of these 13 Dives.  For the 11 Adventure Dives that are not in the new PADI Adventures in Diving Manual, one must first be a Specialty Instructor before running that Dive.

Caverns, ice and wrecks!

What is especially relevant is that penetration under overhead environments was not permitted on Adventure Dives.  This is now allowed, for 18-year olds, during both the Cavern and Ice Adventures Dives, as long as one is a Cavern or Ice Instructor.  There is neither a Cavern Diver nor an Ice Diver book.  The Wreck Adventure Dive must still be conducted outside a wreck and any PADI OWSI may lead it.  Either the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual or the PADI Wreck Diver Manual may support this Adventure Dive, because both are available.  Penetration is optional, on Wreck Dive 4 only, but the rest of the Wreck Diver course must only be conducted by a Wreck Specialty Instructor, using the Wreck Diver Manual.  Subsequently, Wreck Instructors certify successful student divers using the certifying credit packaged with the PADI Speciality Diver Manual.

Removed from the Programme.

Although there are eight new Adventure Dives, PADI has removed three from the Programme.  The Multilevel and Computer, Underwater Photographer and Underwater Videographer Adventure Dives have gone, but Speciality Instructors may still teach these Speciality Divers.

Dive Against Debris™.

The Dive Against Debris™ materials may also be downloaded from

Digital Underwater Imaging.

Due to changing technologies, there is now a Digital Underwater Imaging Adventure Dive, which any PADI OWSI may conduct.  This may also be credited towards Dive 1 of the Digital Underwater Photographer Speciality, which, as always, must only be conducted by a Digital Underwater Photographer Speciality Instructor.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Diver Propulsion Vehicle Adventure Dive is no longer supported by a chapter in the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual.  Although this Adventure Dive still exists, one must now be a DPV Speciality Instructor to conduct this Adventure Dive and Adventure Divers must now own their own personal, current copy of the DPV Diver Manual.

Enriched Air.

The Enriched Air Adventure Dive may still only be conducted by Enriched Air Speciality Instructors and students must have their own Enriched Air Diver Manual.  If Adventures in Diving students choose this elective, then they must complete Dive 1.  Specialty Divers need not complete either DIve 1 or 2.  Both Adventures in Diving students who choose this Adventure Dive and Specialty Divers must complete the Knowledge Review from their NitrOx manual.  If they pass the Enriched Air Final Exam, then they are certified as Enriched Air Divers, which is achieved via a Positive Identification Card packaged with the NitrOx book.


There is also now a Self-Reliant Adventure Dive, again for 18-year olds, who must have 100 logged dives.  There is no chapter in the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual, therefore only Self-Reliant Speciality Instructor may conduct this Adventure Dive.

Linking Speciality Diver Courses to the Adventures in Diving Programme.

This table shows the 24 Adventure Dives and the material options for each, plus whether PADI Members need Specialty Instructor ratings.  Although 12-year olds may do the Deep and Wreck Adventure Dives, Deep Specialty Divers and Wreck Specialty Divers must at least 15 years old.  In conclusion. each Adventure Dive may count as Dive #1 of that Specialty. The Specialty may have a further one, two, three or five dives.  If there is (i) a chapter in the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual and (ii) a Speciality Diver Manual in print, then the Knowledge Review at the end of that PADI Adventures in Diving Manual chapter is the Part I KR in the Specialty Diver book.  There is then a Part II KR to do for the Specialty.



Adventure Dive.New AOW § .Spec. Book.Spec. Inst.Min. Age.#2.#3.#4.#5. #6.
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy.Yes12Yes.
Digital Underwater Imaging.YesYes10Digital U/W Photo.
Dive Against Debris™ (AWARE).YesYes12.
Diver Propulsion Vehicle.YesYes12Yes.
Dry Suit.YesYes10Yes.
Enriched Air.YesYes12Optional.
Fish Identification.Yes10Yes.
Full Face Mask.Yes12Yes.
Peak Performance Buoyancy.YesYes10Yes.
Rebreather (closed circuit).YesYes18YesYesYesYesYes.
Search & Recovery.YesYes12YesYesYes.
Shark Conservation (AWARE).YesYes12Yes.
Sidemount (recreational).YesYes15YesYes.
Underwater Naturalist.YesYes10Yes.
Underwater Navigation.YesYes10YesYes.

*The minimum depth for a deep dive is 18m, while the maximum depth for 12–14-year olds is 21m.


Speciality.Dive #1.Spec. Book.Spec. Inst.Min. Age.#2.#3.
Digital Underwater Photographer.Or snorkel or SASYesYes10*Optional snorkel, dive or SAS.
Multilevel Diver.YesYes12Yes.
Underwater Photographer.YesYes10Yes.
Underwater Videographer.YesYes10YesYes.

 *There is no minimum age for snorkelling, while the minimum age for Supplied Air Snorkelers (SAS) is five years old. 


Speciality.Dive #1.Spec. Book.Spec. Inst.Min. Age.#2.#3.#4.
AWARE ― Coral Reef Conservation.Optional snorkel or diveOur World, Our WaterAll AIsSnorkel/dives optional.
Emergency Oxygen Provider.YesYes.
Equipment Specialist.YesYes10.
Project AWARE Specialist.Optional snorkel or diveOur World, Our WaterAll AIsSnorkel/dives optional.
Public Safety Diver.YesYesYes18YesYesYes.
Semiclosed Rebreather Diver (Dolphin / Atlantis).YesYes15YesYes.



Speciality.Dive #1.Spec. Book.Spec. Inst.Min. Age.#2.#3.#4.
Invasive Lionfish Tracker.YesYes15Yes.
Recompression Chamber Awareness.Yes15.
Sea Turtle Awareness.Or snorkelYes10Or snorkel*.
Tec Basics.C/wTec Deep DiverYes15C/wO/wO/w.
Trimix 45.YesTec Trimix DiverYes18Yes.
Trimix 50.YesTec Trimix DiverYes18Yes.
Whale Shark Awareness.Or snorkelYes10Or snorkel.

*If snorkelling, then Instructors may combine Dives #1 and #2.


Speciality.Dive #1.Spec. Book.Spec. Inst.Min. Age.#2.#3.#4.#5. #6.
Fluorescence Night.YesYes12YesYesYes.
Technical Advanced Wreck.YesYes18YesYesYesYesYes.

PADI Adventures in Diving Manual

PADI CD Dan Robinson MMath(Oxon) MCSI
PADI Course Director at WaterColors Boracay S-6775
100% first-time passes at IE. Specialising in training those who have neither English nor Physics as a first language

Global Instructor Development Courses, IDC Staff, Open Water SCUBA Instructor (OWSI), Master SCUBA Diver Trainer (MSDT), DSAT Tec Instructor, Tec Deep Instructor, Tec Trimix Instructor, Tec Advanced Wreck Instructor, ANDI Cave Instructor

Thailand-, Philippines- & Sri Lanka-based, French-, English- & Thai-speaking PADI TecRec Course Director. Accepted CDTC 1st time. 1st-time pass at UK IE, no make-ups. Certificates of Excellence. Renewed & insured (DAN EU Pro Gold). Lead advisory career in international equity & debt capital markets/mergers & acquisitions

Instructor Trainer: Rebreather, Altitude, AWARE Shark Conservation*, Cavern, Deep, Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, Digital Underwater Photography, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift, Dry Suit, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Enriched Air NitrOx, Equipment, AWARE Fish ID, Ice, Multilevel & Computer, Night, Search & Recovery (search & rescue), Self-Reliant Diver (solo diver), Recreational Sidemount, Tec 40, Tec 50, Tec 90, Technical Advanced Wreck*, Tec Sidemount, Trimix Blender, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigator, Underwater Videographer, Wreck

Instructor: AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE, Recompression Chamber Awareness*, Tec 45, Tec Basics*, Tec Trimix 65, Trimix 45*, Trimix 50*

Specialties: Advanced nitrox, advanced rebreather, BSAC, cave diving, cavern diving, CDAA, CMAS, decompression procedures, DMT, diving, EFRI, equipment, Evolution, FFESSM, FSGT, Full Cave Diver, gas blending, GUE, hypoxic, Inspiration, Instructor Examination, IANTD, NACD, NAUI, NSS-CDS, normoxic, PDIC, PSAI, SCUBA, SDI, SSI, solo diving, Speciality Instructor Trainer, Stage Cave Diver, Tec Cave Diver, Tec Deep Instructor Trainer, tec diving, technical diving, TDI, Tec Instructor Trainer, Tec Rescue, Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer, trimix

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