PADI Deep Dive Course. Take your divers to 40m! Divemaster scenario credit

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PADI Deep Dive Course.

PADI Deep Dive Course.  MSDT Specialty Instructor training. Take your students down to 40m.  Credits to the Divemaster Deep Scenario.

I train more PADI Deep Diver Course Instructors than any other.  This is partly due to my passion for running both this and the diver-level course.  PADI Deep Dive Course Instructors may lead their students down to a max. of 40m.  This is a limit of rec. SCUBA diving, due to the PN2 of c.4 ata./bar.  No deco. limits are shorter at this depth, as faster tissues control such dives.  PADI IDC and IE Dive Theory Exams cover more info.

  • Physics.
  • RDP.


If they have done the PADI Deep Dive Course, you may credit this against DM.  The PADI Deep Dive Course also meets the prereq. for DSAT TecRec Tec 40.

The Deep Instructor Course meets the prereq. for Tec (40) and Tec Deep (50) Instructor.  PADI will not process your Tec Deep Instructor rating until you have certified a total of 10 or more PADI Deep Divers and/or PADI Enriched Air NitrOx Divers (any mix).

Your students may start the PADI Deep Dive Course if they hold the Adventure Diver cert. or equiv.. They do not need Advanced Open Water Diver.  If they can prove they have done the Deep Adventure Dive, then you may credit this against PADI Deep Dive #1.  N.B. Deep is one of the two core dives in a PADI AOW Course.

Multi-award winning PADI CD Dan Robinson, training effective, efficient and ethicalSM PADI Pros.  Indonesia IDC.  Bunaken, Manado, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.  Boracay, PH.  Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabul, Borneo, MY.  Negombo, LK.  Koh Tao, TH.  Worldwide.

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