PADI Dive Theory. Free in English on all my Instructor Development Courses

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PADI Dive Theory.

PADI Dive Theory. Included Free-Of-additional-Charge on Dan’s Instructor Development Courses.

Course Director Dan Robinson―Unique Selling Points.

CD Dan has an unbroken 100% first-time IE pass rate.  He includes FOC on his IDCs.

  • Live PADI Dive Theory in native English, in particular class discussions and many sample exams.
  • PADI AI Course.
  • EFR Instructor Courses.


These USPs are unique in all the markets in which Dan operates.

For example, below are some of Dan’s RDP pictures he will explain on your IDC.  You may find more on RDP here.

padi dive theory

padi dive theory

padi dive theory

PADI DM Course.

Firstly, PADI revised its DM Course in 2010.  Its 2009 curriculum included full PADI Dive Theory, furthermore with final exams in the five subjects.

  • Physics.
  • Physiology.
  • Decompression Theory and the DSAT RDP.
  • Skills and the Environment.
  • Equipment.


PADI then slimmed this down a lot in 2010 and the DM Final Exam now has only two parts, with far less Dive Theory.  Perhaps PADI did this to make its DM Course more competitive with dive guide courses from other training agencies.

PADI Instructor Exams.

To become a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor, one must pass a PADI IE.  An IE has four segments.

  • Written Exams.
  • Knowledge Development.
  • Confined Water.
  • Open Water.


PADI Dive Theory Written Exams.

In addition, the Written Exams segment has two parts.

  • Dive Theory.
  • PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures.


PADI also has IE Written Exam papers in different languages.  Further, if they are not published in your mother tongue, the Examiner may grant you a 50% time extension.

PADI Dive Theory performance requirements.

The PADI Dive Theory IE performance requirement did not change in 2010 and you must still get 75% separately on the five topics, with just one “make-up” allowed on the second day if you score less than 75% on one subject.  Getting under 75% on two or more topics―or not scoring 75% on the single allowed make-up―means you won’t pass the Written Exams segment, as you must pass both PADI Dive Theory and General Standards and Procedures on the same IE.  For you to become a PADI OWSI, you would then pay a re-sit fee (more than 1/4 of the total PADI IE Fee) and pass both sets of Written Exams on a second IE.

Especially important is that all PADI IE Written Exam papers are private.  Consequently, PADI Instructor Examiners give coloured “scratch” paper and pre-drawn dive profiles and these are taken-in after the PADI Dive Theory Exams.  Also, you may not take photos of the Written Exam papers, hence Examiners insist that smart-phones and tablets are kept flat on your desks.  You must place your ‘phone and laptops in “flight mode” as the Examiner can’t let you connect with anyone other than them, so no Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, SMS, MMS, etc..


Your Examiner may not allow you to sit your IE unless you have a filled Instructor Certificate of Completion and an active status PADI Course Director must have signed it in the 12 months immediately preceding your IE.  Your CD is not allowed to sign a completion certificate unless you have passed PADI Dive Theory Exams.  You must pass PADI Dive Theory Exams on the OWSI part of your IDC, but not on the PADI AI part.

Even if you’re crossing over from another agency, you must still pass a PADI IE and at least a PADI OWSI Course before that, including PADI Dive Theory Exams.

PADI Dive Theory has never been on the IDC curriculum.  It was thoroughly covered on the 2009 DM Course, to the same standard as the IE.  Since 2010, this is no longer true.


PADI insists you to buy your own, current set of PADI books for each of your PADI courses and PADI includes a blue/silver holographic decal in PADI’s Guide to Teaching versions shipped with IDC Crew Packs.  This is distinct from the green one in PADI DM Crew Packs.  Your Examiner cannot allow you to sit your IE unless I stick this hologram on your completion certificate.


PADI sets its Written Exams at the level of an average 18-year old US high school graduate, per numeracy, literacy, IQ, knowledge and exam training/experience.  CD Dan Robinson includes full PADI IDC Prep on all his PADI IDCs, but you must have mastered all your student courses (OK if not PADI).

  • Open water diver.
  • Advanced open water diver.
  • CPR and first aid.
  • Rescue diver.
  • DM.


However, there is not really time on an IDC to teach you much basic arithmetic or grammar.

PADI Dive Theory Online.

The best preparation is to contact CD Dan, who will help you buy Dive Theory Online–English.  This has slides and scores of practice exam questions.

PADI books.

One of the most important items in your IDC Crew Pack is PADI’s Diving Knowledge Workbook, which has a fair amount of worked problems.  All are fair game, but not Physics Objective 1-10 Exercise 4.  This asks for an exact change in SCUBA tank pressure for a given temperature change; however to calculate this precisely, one must use thermodynamic temperatures in Kelvin 🙁  The book even admits this is beyond the scope of the syllabus.  The last exercise is enough.  It asks for an approximate change in tank pressure, using the rule of thumb that for every degree C change, the pressure will change by 0.6 bar.  If the Diving Knowledge Workbook is not clear, you should look at that part of your Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving from your PADI DM Crew Pack.

You should read the Instructions for Use for both your Recreational Dive Planner table and for your electronic, multilevel eRDPml.  You had to have both for your PADI DM Course and they both have a few worked profiles.

If you have time, you could then read.

  • The Encyclopedia.
  • All your student books.
  • Guide to Teaching.
  • Latest PADI Instructor Manual you may download via your PADI Pros’ login. 


Once you have signed-up, I shall be most happy to send you a couple of exam papers.

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