DSAT Tec Instructor Training Course TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson

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DSAT Tec Instructor


DSAT Tec Instructor Training Course with award-winning PADI TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson.

Are you ready for the next step?  Do you want your curriculum vitae to stand out from the crowd?  Do your students keep asking you about technical diving and you cannot help them?  Open up new dive sites and improve your skills, knowledge and safety.  Inspire your students!

A DSAT Tec Instructor may teach Tec 40 Divers and, after a free Speciality Instructor application from PADI, the Tec Basics Distinctive, which is about half of the Tec 40 course.  Tec 40 Divers may dive to 40m and incur up to a max. of 10 mins. of decompression time.  They may deco. on up to 50 per cent. oxygen for conservatism, but this is not counted as accelerated deco. at this stage.  Tec 40 may be taught in modified recreational equipment, making it an ideal first step for those unsure of the kit investment required.  It may also be taught in sidemount by recreational or Tec Sidemount Instructors.  I should love to train you as both of these.  Tec 40 is the first component of the complete DSAT Tec Deep Diver Course, in the same way that DSAT Tec Instructor is the first part of Tec Deep Instructor (Training Course also available from me).  Both the Tec 40 and DSAT Tec Instructor steps are optional.  In 2013, the PADI Tec Instructor Application Fee is AUD 127.

To start a DSAT Tec Instructor Training Course with me, you must first be a PADI Enriched Air NitrOx Instructor and a PADI Deep Instructor.  I can train you as both.  Before you apply to PADI for your DSAT Tec Instructor rating, you need to be a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and a Tec 45 Diver, both of which I would also be delighted to teach you.  Before you apply to PADI for a Tec *Deep* Instructor rating, you must have certified at least 10 PADI Deep or NitrOx Divers (any combination that totals 10).  This is not needed before you apply for DSAT Tec Instructor, so this is a useful step while you build up your certs.

I am available to train you on Koh Tao in Thailand or I can travel to whereever you are, especially Philippines or the UK.

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