Gas Blender Instructor. Trimix or Enriched Air NitrOx. Diver level also.

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gas blender instructor.

Gas Blender Instructor.  PADI DSAT TecRec Trimix/NitrOx.  Student level also available.  Malapascua, Koh Tao, Worldwide.

Does your dive store keep saying “You can not touch that if you do not have a cert. card”?  With the Gas Blender Instructor course you can train your divers as trimix or enriched air gas blenders.  For the Gas Blender Instructor rating, you need the Enriched Air NitrOx Specialty Instructor rating and to have a gas blender student cert. or prove you have experience blending trimix or enriched air.  The Gas Blender Instructor cert. counts towards your MSDT and the student level is good for Master SCUBA Diver.  This is a great course for dive stores with DMT programmes as the diver level is most useful for Divemasters.  All dive pros will end up filling tanks at some point!  Compressors are one of the most expensive things a dive store must buy and maintain.  Gas blending is most hazardous if done by the untrained.  Compressors are very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.  The theory is particularly interesting, especially if you dive with mixed gases or want to get in to compressor maintenance.  For dive stores in places with distinct seasons, dry courses like this are good to do when you are not busy.  Instructors may package the diver course with DM or MSD programs.  This course fits very well with Enriched Air NitrOx Instructor or Diver.

Each two months on the paradise Island of Malapscua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, with two types of thresher shark, bamboo shark, frogfish, seahorse and pygmy, award-winning PADI DSAT TecRec Course Director Dan Robinson runs.

  • IDC.
  • IDC Staff Course.
  • OWSI Course.
  • MSDT Prep.
  • Specialty Instructor Training Course, inc. Enriched Air NitrOx.
  • Technical Advanced Wreck Instructor Course.
  • ANDI Cave Course.


Programmes are also run on Koh Tao in Thailand; Bali, Indonesia and Worldwide.  Travel is no problem.

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