PADI Tec Basics. Distinctive Speciality for DSAT Tec 40 & Master SCUBA Dive

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PADI Tec Basics.

PADI Tec Basics.  Distinctive Speciality Course for Tec 40 and Master SCUBA Diver Credit.  Course Director Dan Robinson.

The PADI Tec Basics Course is great for you if you are not yet sure about tec diving.  It is roughly half of the Tec 40 Diver Course and will give you a taste of what is yet to come!  As with all DSAT TecRec certs., PADI Tec Basics counts for your Master SCUBA Diver card.  The PADI Tec Basics Course can credit to your PADI Tec 40 Diver Course in the next 12 months.  Students are at least 15 years of age and are PADI Advanced Open Water Divers or similar from other agencies.  The max. depth for the PADI Tec Basics Course is 30m.  The PADI Tec Basics Course has two confined and two open water dives.

Students must, among other tasks.

  • Calculate their turn pressures.
  • Calculate SAC/RMV rates.
  • Hover in deep water for at least one min. in full tec kit.
  • Demo. bubble checks, descent checks and S-drills.
  • Demo. valve shut-downs in less than 60 sec. in twins or in less than 40 sec. in sidemount tanks.


PADI Tec Instructors and up may teach PADI Tec Basics.  PADI Sidemount or Tec Sidemount Instructors may teach PADI Tec Basics in sidemount kit (o/w a twinset).  If sidemount, then both tanks must have a gauge.  Your main reg. is on a 2m long hose.  You will use a stage/deco tank.  All tanks contain air.  Students must each have their own new DSAT Tec Deep Diver Manual.  A certified assistant is, among other things, a PADI Divemaster who is a PADI Enriched Air NitrOx Diver and a TecRec Tec 40 Diver.

Each two months on the paradise Island of Malapascua, off Cebu, in the Philippines, award-winning PADI Course Director Dan Robinson runs his.

  • PADI AI Course.
  • PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor Course.
  • Full PADI IDC.
  • PADI IDC Staff Course.
  • Full PADI MSDT Prep Course.
  • PADI Speciality Instructor Training Course.
  • Technical diving right up through Tec Trimix Instructor, Tec Sidemount Instructor and Technical Advanced Wreck Instructor.
  • ANDI Cave Course.


Programmes are also available on the beautiful Island of Koh Tao in Thailand or I can travel to you, wherever in the World you are, especially to the UK or to Australia.  I can build you a bespoke package, say (instructor courses also).

  • PADI Tec Basics Diver.
  • PADI Cavern Diver.
  • PADI Self-Reliant Diver (solo diver).
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver (NitrOx).
  • PADI Deep Diver.

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