Tec Deep Instructor Course with PADI CD DSAT TecRec Trainer Dan Robinson!

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Tec Deep Instructor Course

Tec Deep Instructor Course with your award-winning PADI Course Director and DSAT TecRec Deep IT Dan Robinson!


This is the full extended range deep air PADI DSAT TecRec Deep Instructor Training Course and I would love to travel Worldwide to train you!

Graduates of this course may teach the following student levels.

  • Tec Basics Distinctive (after free PADI application).  This is the first half of Tec 40.
  • Tec 40.  Divers can use modified recreational kit with one decompression tank of max. 50 per cent. NitrOx, but still assume deco. with air; max. of 10 mins. decompression.
  • Tec 45.  Full technical diving kit.  Single accelerated deco. tank with max. 100 per cent. oxygen.
  • Tec 50.
  • Full Tec Deep (Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50).


These may be taught in back-mount kit inc. twin tanks.  PADI Sidemount or Tec SM Instructors may teach them in sidemount configuration.  I can help you get both of these ratings.

After your Tec Deep Instructor Course, your Tec 50 or Tec Deep students will be fully-qualified tech divers.  After 50m, we introduce helium and breathe trimix in order to reduce our equivalent narcotic depths.

To enrol on the Tec Deep Instructor Course, you need to be a PADI Enriched Air Instructor and a PADI Deep Instructor.  Before applying to PADI for your Tec Deep Instructor rating, you also need to be MSDT and have certified at least 10 NitrOx or Deep students (any mix).  The 2013 PADI Asia Pacific Application fee for Tec Deep Instructor is AUD 127.

I can train you on Malapascua Island, off Cebu, in the Philippines; on Koh Tao in Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; or I can travel to wherever you are based in the World.  Although we prefer it, on your Tec Deep Instructor Course, we do not have to hit the depth limits for the student levels.

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