Tec Trimix Instructor Course with PADI CD DSAT TecRec Trainer Dan Robinson

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tec trimix instructor course


Tec Trimix Instructor Course with your award-winning PADI CD & TecRec Trimix IT Dan Robinson.

This is the full advanced hypoxic (sub-18 per cent. oxygen in the PADI system) TecRec Trimix Instructor Course and I can travel Worldwide to train you!

There is no normoxic instructor level (min. 18 per cent.) in our system.  PADI Trimix Instructors can teach all of the main spine technical diving student level courses through Tec Trimix Diver in back-mount kit inc. twin tanks.  PADI Sidemount or Tec SM Instructors can also teach their students in sidemount configuration.  Courses are.

  • Tec Basics Distinctive.
  • Tec 40.
  • Tec 45.
  • Tec Instructor (these can only teach Tec 40 Divers).
  • Tec 50.
  • Tec Deep Diver (Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50).
  • Tec Deep Instructor Upgrade from Tec Instructor.
  • Full Tec Deep Instructor (these can teach through Tec 50 Diver).
  • Tec Trimix 65 (normoxic student level).
  • Tec Trimix Upgrade from Tec 65 to Tec 90.
  • Full Tec Trimix Diver.


I am both a Trimix 45 and Trimix 50 Distinctive Specialty Instructor and these ratings are available directly from PADI to Tec Trimix Instructors.

The max. depth for course dives has now been changed from 75m (245 feet) to 90m (300 feet).  Unlike other agencies, PADI Tec 90 Divers have no depth limit and can dive safely way over 100m (330 feet).  DAN Europe insurance covers divers to the limit of their cert. and experience.  Many virgin/unspoilt dive sites are at least this deep, inc. caves, wrecks, blue holes and walls/drop-offs.  A lot of rare or shy marine fish species live down here, such as sharks and the mola mola oceanic sunfish.  Let me help you to unlock more of our beautiful underwater world for your students!

You must first be a Tec Deep Instructor before attending my Tec Trimix Instructor Course.  In the Asia Pacific region, the 2013 Tec Trimix Instructor Application Fee to PADI is AUD 127.  You must also have a student full trimix cert..

Amongst other things, I am.

  • a Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer.
  • a Tec Deep Instructor Trainer.
  • a Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer.
  • a recreational Sidemount Instructor Trainer.
  • a Rebreather Instructor Trainer.


I can also train you as a Cavern Diver or Instructor and as a Tec Gas Blender or Instructor, for trimix or NitrOx.  You can take my Tec Trimix Instructor Course on Malapascua Island, off Cebu, Philippines; in Thailand; in Bali, Indonesia; or I would be delighted to travel to you, wherever you are based in the World!  Although for sure it is fun and helpful, we do not have to achieve the student max. depth limits at the instructor level, inc. on the Tec Trimix Instructor Course (but each dive does have a min. depth too).  This will save you cash on the helium we must breathe.

DSAT has been certifying tec divers since the year 2000.  PADI recently re-branded the whole range (inc. Tec Trimix Instructor Course) from DSAT to TecRec, emphasising their renewed focus on the more exciting aspects of the diving we love!  This follows the decades of lauding the safety of our sport that was done in order to dispel the myths of danger after it emerged from the military.

DSAT is a legal corporate entity that is wholly-owned by PADI and, amongst other things, is responsible for the development of.


  • the blue PADI Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) air table.
  • the yellow RDP for EAN32 (NitrOx 32, NOAA I mix).
  • the green RDP for EAN36 (NOAA II mix).
  • the old yellow electronic eRDP.
  • the old Wheel.
  • the new blue multilevel eRDPml.

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